land of the wild, home of the untamed

This is where you can see the creatures living within the wilderness of the United States. From the fearsome grizzly bear to the ¬†majestic bald eagle used as the symbol of freedom for the United States. You can also check here to see amazing must see locations! From the Yellow stone National park to the Grand canyon you can decide which will be your next travel to destination. So go ahead and take a look on what is to see and start packing your bags as you set for an adventure on the USA’s most interesting places that must be experienced!


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A deep blue sea, waves after waves of ocean. It’s all pretty up on the surface, but you don’t know what lingers underneath. One of these most common dangers would be the bull shark.¬†With a nasty attitude and reputation this predator of the Atlantic is stood on the watch list for when your swimming in … Continue reading THE DEEP ATLANTIC BLUE AND ITS COMMON PREDATOR

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